Game System

Game System

What is Shadow Rine!

Shadow Rine is an action RPG.
You're the hero who is summoned in this world, Careshia where exists in this game.
You will cope with Careshia crisis.

You can read the interesting stories by battle with many kind of unique monsters and solving pazzles.
The fields in this game are portrayed as 2D and you can explore these vast field freely.

I've been developing that the concept of this game is that no matter whether people have visually handicap, everyone can enjoy it satisfactory and impartially.

Screen reader is instolled in your computer, it guides for you all the text in this game.

New features for the Full Voice edition!

The full voice edition which is easier to play has many features different from the normal edition.

Synchronizing voices with the main story

Many voice actors and voice actresses have synchronized voices with all lines of the main story and some subsenarios.
You will be invited for Careshia by their impressive voice actings.

The best impression is here!

Adding opening theme and more great songs!

The Opening theme and two featured songs were added from Ver3.00. These songs will more liven up this game.

New game sistems

Many new cool skills and a little tricky and interesting pazzles were added.
Also, the full voice edition has more presence.
when the characters walk on the field, you can hear murmuring of stream or sound of lava.

The fellowships for adventure

The more you go on reading the story, the more you can use character or explore many places.

In the first dungion "Forest Ruin", you will meat a fairly girl, Lilia. She has a skill to jump over the canyons on the fields.

Looking for treasure chests!

Many treasure chests are hidden many location in the Careshia.

Screen shot:looking for treasure chests

You can find comvinient items from them such as Caren, Careshia's currency, the staminite, improving hit point, and more.

Characters are more powerful!

The characters will more powerful by collecting items arround the Careshia. They made their hit point, attack and defence grow.

The sword the hero has also grows. It regains its original power by fighting with monsters and get experience.

3 choices of play styles!!

In this game, you can choose a play style from 3 choices you like.

  1. "Normal play":playing with watching a screen
  2. "Tactile play":playing with using Tactile display and feeling a game screen
  3. "Sound play":playing with using headphone and relying on environmental sounds

Normal play

It's displayed that of course the fields and character, in addition, backgrounds have been displayed from the full voice edition.

Tactile play

The game display of Shadow Rine is developped that users can play with touching game display when Tactile display "dot view DV-2" is connected.
They can touch the Tactile display and understand locations of the place they are, characters, monsters and items.

Sound play

When SurroundViewer is enable, Sound effect that location of monster or treasure chests become to play.
You can play relying on only sound.
The treasure chests have the paticular sound effect, so looking for to use SrroundViewer, it's easy to find.

Sound volume and sound from the direction of the location where monsters attack or items are help you understand where they are.
The sound wind indicates the corners of pathes or connections of next fields.
Also, in the full voice edition, it's easy to understand the situation because stream sound or wind sound make you feel as if you are at the place.

* You need to use a stereo speeker or a stereo head phone when you play as Sound play..
when you use a screen reader, it provide you reading all texts.

© Copyright Translated by Tsunderera.

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