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Where is "the Careshia"

This game is set in the wonderful world, Careshia where you(the hero) and your team go on an adventure.

It consist of the Shaintarium in the middle,

Screen shot1:fighting with slimes in a forest
the "Rysen Forest" where fairlies live in the west side,

Screen shot2:a girl stand on the top of the mountain
the "Gierua Volcano" where the dragon is deified in the east side,

Screen shot3:the Felmare Lake
the "Felmare Lake" where the evil monster has sealed in the North and so on.

The careshia is surrounded by a wealth of nature.

Introduction the Careshia with "sound"!

In each area, the characteristic nature is spread and various species(tribes) are living.

A sacred sword"the Last Hope"

A sacred sword, the Last Hope has been sealed in the Shaintarium. It has a power for fighting with monsters.
This is the key item for this story.
It's important for the hero who fight with the careshia crisis and his team to support for the adventure.

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